The best headbands for workouts | Michigan Threads Headbands - Michigan Threads Headbands

The best headbands for workouts | Michigan Threads Headbands

Why wear a headband during your workout

I mean, why not! There are so many benefits to wearing a headband! The main reason is keeping your hair out of your face! I don't know about you, but the idea of anything sticking to my face during my plank has me losing that mental game pretty fast.

The second reason I love to wear a headband during workouts is the sweat wicking properties! I am a real sweaty betty when it comes to getting my workout on. Workout headbands help to keep the sweat pouring off my crown from going into my eyes and distracting me from the task at hand.

Finally, they are so cute!!! How can you have more confidence at the gym? With a cute workout headband!

The different types of headbands and their benefits

There are different types of headbands all over the internet now. Ranging from skinny elastic to super wide dread wraps. They all have different benefits for the user.


Let's talk about the kind you can find at Michigan Threads Headbands.

Twisted - Approximately 4" in the back, and joined in the front with a beautiful twist. These headbands can be worn 2 different ways. With the twist in the front or the back.

Double Wide - This is our widest headband at approximately 5" wide. They are tapered in the back to about 2" and then sport a twist in the front that you can adjust since it is not permanently fixed in one place. You can also wear it backwards with the smaller section in front for a super cute look.

Flat - Probably the best headband for workouts! This headband is approx. 4" wide at the widest spot. It has no twist to it. The back is tapered to about 1". Much like the other headbands mentioned, you can wear it forward or backward.

Braided - Stretchy bushed jersey material is braided to create a 1" headband that works like a skinny elastic without damaging your hair. It holds in place for hours and keeps everything off your face.

Michigan Threads Headbands - the best brand for workouts

How to choose the right headband for you

Everyone has a different style and taste! That is why Michigan Threads Headbands is the best for workout. They have so many different types.

If you only want them for workouts and you don't care for the twist, then flat or braided is great. 

If you love to look cute and match every thing for your gym days, then you'll love the double wide or twisted.

Curly thick hair? No problem! All will be held back and treated with care by these super stretchy and forgiving headbands.
There are many ways to wear a Michigan Threads Headband during your workout

A few ideas for exercises that are perfect for wearing a headband

First things first.... You can wear a headband for anything. That being said, lets talk about workouts. Running, or if you're me, a steady light jog... is a yes for headbands. Walking, yoga, Beach Body and Peloton workouts. Anything that you use to move your body and work up a sweat counts! 

My favorite exercise for wearing a headband is bike riding or cycling. Spinning classes count too. I'm having a hard enough time keeping my balance and staying on my bike.. The headband keeps sweat out of my eyes so I don't have to stress it.

I hope this quick dump of favorite reasons for headbands was helpful to you and that if you are in a search for the perfect headband, you'll give me a try at Michigan Threads Headbands.




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