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Michigan Threads Headbands

Heatless Curls Rod Bonnet x 2

Heatless Curls Rod Bonnet x 2

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  • 【NO HEATING CURLING IRON】No need to heat your hair, it will not cause any damage to your hair, let alone worry about damaging your hair. Just rest in bed every day and you can easily get the hairstyle you like. Say goodbye to breakage and split ends and say hello to healthy hair! 
  • 【VERY CONVENIENT】It is very convenient to use at home or take it with you when you go out. Suitable for dry or wet hair. Silk hair styling rollers do not require any electricity and you can easily curl your hair yourself. Provide you with beautiful hairstyles every day. No need to take up your day. 
  • 【SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF HAIR】Suitable for most hair types, whether dry or wet, long or short, thick or thin hair. Beautiful in appearance and elegant in design, it is the best gift for friends, family and colleagues.
  • 【SOFTER】The curling iron headband is made of pearl cotton, which is soft and comfortable and can be reused for a long time. The soft material allows the curling iron to change shape at will, and it can be used as a fashion headband.
  • 【EASY TO USE】Separate your hair into two with a comb before going to bed, wrap it with a curling iron, secure with a rubber band, no heat required. You'll have beautiful curls the next morning, and the curling iron headband won't cause any discomfort while you sleep.

Includes 2 rods and 2 bonnets 

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